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Dental Technologie

3D printers for digital dentistry

Whether you run a small dental or orthodontic practice, or the largest lab, you can reap the benefits of faster turnaround, smoother workflow, and happier customers and patients.

Vind de Dental 3D Printer die best bij je past

Increase your capacity and fuel business growth by embracing digital dentistry. Based on PolyJet technology, Dental Series 3D Printers deliver smooth surfaces and lifelike details in materials specially engineered for dental and orthodontic use. You can accurately 3D print surgical guides, veneer try-ins, stone models and a range of orthodontic appliances using 3D data from oral scans and CAD designs.


  • Facilitate clear, detailed physician feedback.
  • Eliminate failures faster.
  • Gather reliable performance data and speed prototype evaluation.
  • Expedite prototype tooling for preclinical testing.